Real Nutra, LLC creates professional-quality dietary supplements for people who care about their health and our planet. 

Our products are based on real, substantiated science in harmony with nature.

Our Core Values

Be Real. We’ve got to get real about dietary supplements! This is our number-one core belief. Today’s supplement market is very confusing. In the US alone, there are about 30,000 different dietary supplements to choose from. It’s a 30-billion-dollar industry full of poorly formulated products with many unsubstantiated marketing claims. We are tired of all the nutrition hype, myths, fads and false promises. Instead, we just create perfectly effective nutrition products based on the very best science and sound, natural principles. That’s why we call ourselves Real Nutra.

Provide Value. We appreciate your desire to improve your health. That’s why we only create products that will really make a difference in your health and vitality. And we do it at fair prices that allow all of us to thrive.

Be Professional. We are here to do the right things and to do things right. As experienced professionals we know what it takes to create nutrition products that work and are unquestionably safe. We take quality assurance and quality control extremely seriously in everything we do, because you deserve and expect it. Our quality program entails (a) creating quality product formulations, (b) using only the best ingredients, (c) employing state-of-the art manufacturing facilities and processes, and (d) performing extensive quality testing.


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